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You can buy all-natural grass-finished freezer beef from us direct. Available by the quarter, side, or whole, exclusively in Alberta.

dry-aged beef

Premium dry-aged beef

Our beef is dry aged, the old-fashioned way (hung for 21 days instead of 24 hours, to intensify flavour). You get to choose how your beef is cut and wrapped into portion sizes to suit your family’s lifestyle.


Grassfed and grass-finished, high in Omega 3
Our cattle are grassfed and grass finished (fattened) on Alberta foothills grasslands full time, in the fresh air and sunshine like nature intended. This produces beef that is better for you (higher in Omega 3 fats), and wtih a richer, deeper flavour.

Clean and chemical free


Our land has had no chemicals (like herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers) on it for 14 years – well above the three years required for organic certification. Our beef has no chemicals, growth hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products or radiation. It’s pure, clean beef.

This is not ordinary supermarket beef. At the A7 Ranche, we do things the old-fashioned way and pride ourselves on exceptionally high standards of land stewardship, animal and human welfare, and world-class taste. Not only is our beef healthier and more flavourful, it also supports:

  • Happy healthy cattle – Our cattle are handled using low-stress techniques (cow whispering!) and are slaughtered locally and immediately after transport. We take pride in having an exceptionally healthy herd.
  • Wildlife Conservation – we are strong supporters of conservation and peacefully share the ranch with the full range of foothills wildlife. From elk to eagles, and gophers to grizzlies! Check out our photo gallery!
  • Preserving the Alberta foothills landscape – supporting local ranchers keeps our families here as the stewards of the land. It also maintains the landscape unfragmented as a critical part of the watershed (the foothills provides the source water for Western Canada all the way to Hudsons Bay). We are a board member of Southern Alberta Land Trust Society (SALTS), which preserves rangelands through conservation easements.

The A7, located in the foothills two hours southwest of Calgary, Alberta, is said to be the oldest ranch in Canada still in the hands of the original owners, the Cross family. The ranch was established in 1886 by A.E. Cross, best known as one of the “Big Four” cattlemen founders of the Calgary Stampede. We’re the third and fourth generations, privileged to be still ranching and looking after this piece of beautiful Alberta landscape we love so much.

Drawing from nearly 125 years of experience, our business is built on the belief that a healthy ecosystem, producing healthy food, is the foundation for healthy people.

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